Scarlet Data Studio

We are a team of software engineers learning and building for our community with data.



We build machine learning models, ETL pipelines, RESTful APIs, and full-stack web applications.

Screenshot of the HaxML website.


Predict expected goals (XG) in an online soccer game with machine learning.

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Screenshot of the TransitHealth website.


Help Chicago residents explore open data about public transit and public health.

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Screenshot of the Butterfly website.


Introduce members to new people in their community with a social matching app.

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We host paid internships to help underrepresented students in our community grow as software engineers.

Our mentors are professional software engineers who help interns build and deploy challenging projects.


Purposeful Products

We build products for our community, so that developers can practice making decisions based on why, not just what.

Every intern makes a meaningful contribution that gets deployed into production.


Each intern works with a mentor who helps them scope their projects, overcome blockers, and identify stretch opportunities to grow as a developer.

Mentor Handbook

Professional Skills

Our interns practice skills for building software in teams:

  • Using the command line
  • Pair programming
  • Understanding a new codebase
  • Splitting work into smaller pull requests
  • Participating in code reviews
  • Resolving merge conflicts
  • Technical writing

Career Growth

We help interns find their next job and grow their self-efficacy.

Our mentors practice the behaviors of engineers who support and multiply the impact of their teams.


Meet our team members and check out their work!

Summer 2022


Scarlet Data Studio will return in Summer 2022.

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